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  • Goal 1:  Engage 10-20 RHO class members to assist in assembling event packages (including Big Al's gaming card, drink coupons, and wristband) prior to Friday's event.  Also engage 5-10 RHO class members to assist with check-in and transport day of the event.  

  • Goal 2:  Streamline the check-in process by implementing delivery of event packages during bus transportation where possible, to prevent check-in backups and allow more time for attendees to enjoy the entertainment facility.

  • Goal 3:  Ensure appropriate messaging during Welcome Walk and on Friday afternoon to transport students to and from the event venue.

  • Goal 4:  Add a survey element to back of the event card distributed at Welcome Walk and do a gift card drawing for one attendee who completes and submits the survey.  Aim for 50% survey completion rate. 

  • Goal 5:  Add a community give-back component to this event, through donation of unused gaming cards to a local family or youth assistance organization.

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