Rho Class Education

A HUGE "THANK YOU" to the education committee who will be supporting the Rho class education throughout the 2019 session preparing us for a successful exam experience! 

2019 Exam Study Team Committee
Chair:  Monica Cosentino-Benedict




We have assigned a committee member to each class who will take notes and share them with everyone.  The committee members will also create quizzes that you can use to study and that we will go through on study night.


In order for you to be ready to go when we hit campus please make sure you download the following 2 apps on your phone that will be needed if you want to access the notes and quizzes:  Slack and Kahoot. 


If you haven’t signed up for Slack yet, please sign up at:   https://join.slack.com/t/rhoclassof2019/shared_invite/enQtNjY3MDUyMzkzMzgyLTRjMjViZTNkZGNlYzBkNGUzYzljNzkxOGYwMmY1MGZjNzYyMjgzNmFjOTUzZjg4MDY4MzlmYWU5NWQzNWMzYzQ


Once you join the RhoClassof2019 Thread, Slack should automatically add you to the Classnotes channel which is where the Exam Study Team Committee will post class notes and links to the Kahoot quizzes. 


Please do not post anything in this channel so that notes and quizzes will be easy for everyone to find without scrolling through multiple posts.


Committee Members & Study List

All –


Instead of using Google Docs as the repository for our class notes, we will use Slack since many of us are already using it for WCMS communication.  If you haven’t signed up for Slack yet, please sign up at:




I have created a “Classnotes” Channel inside of this workspace (so make sure you can get to that channel once you are inside our thread – it should automatically add you but if it doesn’t click on the Add a Channel button and it should list the channels you can join.  Click on that and then select join channel – classnotes channel).  This is where each of you will upload your class notes for your assigned day/topic while on campus. 


You can use Slack as an app on your phone or you can go to slack.com on your computer.  It’s simple to upload a document – you can do so directly from a laptop or through Dropbox or Google Docs on your phones.  All you do is hit the + button in the channel and add a file from google drive or your computer.  If you’re going to upload using Dropbox, you’ll first have to link Dropbox with Slack so if that’s your preference let me know if you need help and I’ll make sure the app is linked for you. 


If you are using Google docs to type your notes, you can do so directly from Slack if you want to.  In that case, you hit the + button and select Create new, Document, title it appropriately and hit create.  It will open a “word” document for you to type in to and it will save to Google Drive automatically and then you can upload from Google Drive.


Let me know if you have any questions.


I will be sending out a communication to the full class at the end of June to encourage everyone who hasn’t already sign up for Slack to do so if they want to view our shared class notes.


I’ll be working on our quiz environment next week.  I’m still leaning toward Kahoot. I think I’ve figured it out.  If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know.


Thanks again for your commitment to our class and the EXAM!   Have a great weekend.


Monica Cosentino-Benedict


VP, Risk Management

Florida Authorized House Counsel

Member of MO and OK state bar

Partners Federal Credit Union

Phone: 407.354.5187 | Tie-Line: 8220.5187 | Fax:  407.641.8565


The committee goal was to provide us with a variety of study tools and resources that will help us improve our average class test score from 84% (in 2017) to 87% in 2018. 


RHOs with High Honors on Year 2 Exam - (Score of 92+)

Mark Castro

Monica Cosentino-Benedict

Leah Friedenberg

Jennifer Green

Aliyah Heinze-Giardello

Matt Messerli

Sara Ott

Ashley Stewart

Jennifer Topzand

Aaron Vallely

RHOs with Honors on Year 2 Exam - (Score of 87-91)

Pam Barrett

Carol Beniger

Craig Budge

Bill Bunze

Mike Edwards

Kelsey Esqueda

Jag Garrett

Marnie Gerkhardt

Matthew Goodwin

Tyler Holbrook

Greg Malmedal

Hector Martin

Tony Mau

Ryan McGrady

Brice Mindrum

Pam Moore

Elizabeth Pavlas

Erin Pearson

Tiffany Pillars

Nicole Rivers

Jason Royce

Clint Seader

Stephanie Strimling

Araceli Toribio

Carolyn White

Andrew Whittenberg

Corinn Wohl



Kahoot        Slack

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