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Congrats Rho's project one is in the books!

Project two guides: 


You will be able to access Peer-to-Peer for use with the project until the end of April. If you need assistance please contact Samanta Cristobal directly at (202) 223-3920 ext. 236 or wcms@callahan.com.


Peer to Peer login (click here for Callahan website)


Click here to access recording of Callahan webinar from September 6, 2018.

Callahan 4Q18 Trendwatch Webinar Recording 

NEW:  Project II Webinar with Matt Stephenson 


Recommend viewing before March 31.


Some of the Questions Asked were:

  • Are we supposed to do the 3-year forecast for each goal individually or all inclusive with one forecast?

  • What is a Spread Analysis again? What are the 5 key Levers?

  • On the 7-year graph: do we make a separate graph for each of the 9 items or do we combine the income statement, balance sheet, and key ratios?

  • Peer group comparison for the NPG, if our credit union has only reached the net asset size segment, do we use the lower or the next tier?

  • My reader indicated we could use Q3 data. Is that recommended, or should we use Q2 data?

  • Are there any economic factors that you can share that are worth exploring or considering for our projections?

  • What are the key elements we should make sure we do in our project?

  • What are the key elements to writing a good goal statement?

  • The goals ask that the cost/income impact, if you have a goal like leadership training, do we have to quantify the increase in income?

  • AND so many more great questions!


MOST IMPORTANT:  Project II is about what you can and have learned from this project!

                                     Use the templates in the project.


REMINDER:  Register for WCMS - http://www.wcmspomona.org/index.php/registration


Scholarship Application: Received at WCMS by May 1, 2019


CLICK HERE to view NCUA Merger Reports
Dwight Johnston Economic Podcasts


Click here to review the Project 2 of Scott Rabe, Rick Craig Award winner in 2018.

Download Project II Instruction Guide here (revised December 2018)
Download Project II document here (revised December 2018)
Download Project II Rubric here (final version to be posted in December)

APA Style Guide here
Click here for the Purdue Owl APA website if the above guide does not answer your question.


questions?? Contact Nancy Wood ‘00

Director of School Administration, Western CUNA Management School

2855 E. Guasti Road, Suite 600, Ontario, CA 91761-1250 

Ph:   909.212.6059  or 800.472.1702 ext. 6059 

Fax: 909.354.3109



2017-2018:  Project one Guides

Website Guide Document

Link to a recording of the webinar -- http://callahanvideos.vzaar.me/11193857

Link to Peer-to-Peer -- https://cloud.p2psoftware.com

I am pleased to report that access is now live as is the new WCMS website that can still be accessed at www.wcmspomona.org.


You will notice a new look and feel as well as a slightly different path for you to retrieve the project documents. From the home button, you will see a drop down and a link to the page now called Student Access.


For the access to the Peer to Peer, you will use the email address that this message reaches you at and the password Welcome1. As you work through your project if you have questions about Peer to Peer, you may email wcms@callahan.com and they will be happy to assist you with those questions.


The link to the Peer to Peer system is https://cloud.p2psoftware.com/login.htm. This can also be found on the WCMS Student Access page.

If you have questions about Peer to Peer you email Callahan at WCMS@callahan.com.

Filene Slides

Filene Recorded Webinar

WCMS Rho Class - Reader Q&A Call recording


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