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  • Goal 1 : 80% Rho class participation

    • Measured: by measuring participation in the weekly calls, those who donate, those who are at the table at welcome walk, those who sign up for pre-assigned shifts, those who help assemble event bags, those who help assemble donation bags, and those who participate at the event. We will have a class mate documenting Rho class participation.

  • Goal 2: 85% Rho class participation at the day of the event.

    • Measured: a rho documenting who participates at the event (my answer to David was much more eloquent)

  • Donate 200 bags to charitable organization:

    • Confirm a minimum of 200 complete bags are delivered to the charitable organization

  • Sell 60% of our packages at welcome walk to encourage tri-class participation at the Rho event.

    • Measure: by determine left over packages at the end of welcome walk to determine ratio of packages sold vs. remaining packages.

  • Raise $4000 from package sales to either facilitate other events or donate back to the school

    • Determine overall cost of the event including package costs, costs for charitable donations, and the individual items for the event, and subtract from the sales at welcome walk.




For more information contacT:
Tyler Holbrook
Bethany hayward

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