Until we meet again...

Until we Graduate...

The Rho class will be responsible for organizing several events for the 2019 WCMS school year.  Please check out the events and their descriptions below.  If you don't want to help plan an event, we have several committees that also need members of if you just want to volunteer to help at an event click on one of the groups below: 


We would love to stay true to our 100% participation goal by having your response to identify which group you would like to participate in! We have identified 6 committees to set our class up for a successful 3nd year:

Marketing/Branding Committee – this team will work with all committees to ensure our image is consistent throughout our merchandise, events, activities, and communications.  The branding committee will assist other committees with design, content, and obtain merchandise.  They will also be responsible for our mission statement and 2019 WCMS logo, shirts, and grad gear.  If you are interested in  joining the committee, please contact Jacky Davila


Rho Class Themed Event – This team will plan, coordinate and implement our class themed event (with assistance from volunteers).  This is a great opportunity to plan an event from scratch!  The class has already provided themes for this event, but the committee will be responsible for selecting the final theme and bring it together.  The committee will set the event goals, theme, and activities.  If you are interested in joining please contact Tyler Holbrook.


Tri-Class Auction - The 2019 Tri-Class auction will be co-hosted by the Rho class and its our opportunity to give back to the WCMS Scholarship Fund.  The committee will be responsible for coordinating the event, including theme, venue, and the event timeline.  The committee will be chaired by Christine Todd.

WCMS Bowling Event– this team is excited to make this year's mid-term event an amazing experience!  Together we will be responsible for developing an experience for all three WCMS Classes: the Pi and Rho classes, and the new class of 2021.  As part of our experiential learning, this committee is comprised of sub-committees to collaborate and design the various elements. If you are interested in joining the committee please contact Leah Friedenberg.

Quick update on the committees-

Each of the class officers has been assigned a committee. Everyone who signed up (including volunteers) will receive an email in the coming weeks with our next steps.

Looking forward to working with you all in making our senior year a huge success!

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