Tri Class Auction

July 16, 2018

The 2018 tri class auction is in need of donated items!

The 2018 Tri-Class Auction is where all students have a unique opportunity to give back to the WCMS Scholarship Fund. On Monday, July 16th, please join us in the Edmunds Ballroom for a special evening including a silent auction, a live auction, and other exciting activities!

But every Sigma, Rho and Pi classmate can also participate RIGHT NOW. Our online Amazon Wish List and Pay Pal donation channels make it easy for you, your credit union, and your colleagues to make an immediate impact. You will be supporting future credit union leaders no matter how much you decide to contribute. Whether its $5, $25, $100 or more, all types of cash contributions and donated auction items are welcome!

We want every student to experience the opportunity to give back to the one organization created exclusively for transforming credit union employees into leaders and leaving our industry with a legacy. Thank you for your consideration – and remember that every donation and contribution counts whether small or large!


  1. Donate money online: We’ve set up a secure online Pay Pal account. Visit to donate before the day of “Welcome Walk” (Sunday) and the auction committee will do your shopping for you!​

  2. Purchase a donation item from our ‘Amazon Wish List’: Before July 1st, visit our Amazon registry for gift ideas. Please include within the notes of the purchase the name of your credit union and/or your name. All orders purchased can be automatically shipped to a California Credit Union League representative for storage until the event on July 16th. Simply select "WCMS Auction's Gift Registry Address" under "Other Addresses" when choosing a shipping address (Please act before July 1st). To visit our Amazon site, follow this link: 

  3. Bring a donation item to the ‘Welcome Walk’: Fill out the attached Item Description Form (see below) and bring your item with you to the “Welcome Walk” on day one (Sunday), where an auction table will be set up. You will also be able to make cash donations via credit card. It will appear on an itemized receipt along with your other purchases and e-mailed to you. 

Need to ship your donation item? No problem – but please do so before July 1st. For questions or shipping arrangements, please fill out the following description form (see below) and contact Theresa Lupori at  or (775) 463-7842 Ext. 2012 

*Previously donated items have included Kindles, iPads, video gaming systems, gift cards, time shares, Fitbits, headphones, speakers, sporting equipment, autographs, trips, tickets to sporting events, luggage, original artwork, jewelry, handmade items, cash, or anything else you can graciously donate. However, please NO alcohol or credit union logo items. Please do not solicit auction donations from organizations outside of the credit union industry or with whom you do not have an existing relationship. Please do not solicit auction items from current WCMS partners.

Item Description Form

The Rho class and Pi class committee members want to thank you in advance for your generosity.

With all of us coming together for this momentous event, we hope to make a measurable impact for

WCMS and future classes.


  • Participation = Collect a minimum of 200 items to be auctioned.  Have confirmation of 150 items by July 1st.  Ask each Rho classmate to reach out to their CU and/or vendor for a donation, as the more we can get donated will result in higher donations.  Our goal will include 80% of the items being donated.

  • Financial = We will raise $25,000 in net proceeds.

  • Collaboration = Recruit a minimum of 10 students from Pi and Sigma classes to assist in auction tasks.

  • Communication = The main committee will have monthly status calls.  Subcommittees will determine best form of communication (phone or email) and will provide main committee updates on monthly calls to ensure forward movement of project.  Event communication will be developed by committee and provided to all students prior to school arrival and again during Welcome Walk.

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