Welcome Walk

THEME:  YOU are a Super HeRHO!

VISION:  To welcome everyone home to WCMS, their way, by providing the incoming SIGMA class with the information they need to feel welcome and comfortable, and the returning RHO and PIs with a streamlined process so that they can get to networking sooner. 

SURVEY Results
Welcome Walk Project Timeline & Files:
Welcome Walk Goals Snapshot:
  • 80% RHO Class Engagement

  • $1,200 Event Budet & $200 Student budget            (Main class events - PI, RHO, Hawaii HUI, etc)

  • 12+  campus tours 

  • 90+  Dorm Room escorts (145+ Year 1 - SIGMA)

  • Communication:  Signage, Calendar, Hotline, Dorms, Tours, Shuttle, Maps


  • 96% RHO Class Engagement  - Exceeded Goal!

  • $916 Event preliminary budget - Exceeded Goal!
    & $200 Student budget  - Met Goal! 

  • 12+  campus tours for 50+ incoming Sigmas in 100+ degree heat!! - Exceeded Goal!

  • 90+  Dorm Room escorts - Met Goal

  • Communication:  Signage, Calendar, Hotline, Dorms, Tours, Shuttle, Maps - Exceeded Goal!

CLICK HERE to see the 118 Class Survey Results Details, comments and recommendations.

Summary below reflects top 2 boxes (5 = Excellent)

  • Rate your WW Experience                           4.32

  • Rate Helpfulness of Volunteers                   4.50

  • Rate Friendliness of Volunteers                   4.65

  • Rate level of Excitement at WW                  4.24

  • Rate Campus Tour Experience                    4.27

Welcome Walk Photos 
Click Here to relive Welcome Walk! 


Thank you Michael Trujillo for being our official photographer!


... Just a reminder from Michael ... HeRHO & good luck to all of you today! I have attached the link to all of the unedited photos I've taken over the last two weeks. I didn't bring my laptop, so I haven't had the opportunity to retouch any of them yet. If there is a specific photo you would like me to edit just send me a message with the folder name and image number. You have my permission to use the photos for personal use but please follow standard practice of obtaining the necessary permission(s)/release(s) for any other intended use.

The working Welcome Walk (WW) Goals will flow with overall RHO Class goals and must be SMARTER goals.  So far, we have come up with the following focus below:

Networking:  To provide the new Sigma class with a feeling that WCMS is home for them by providing ambassadors who will show them around, network with them, answer questions and guidance that will continue via the Hotline, enhancing their experience and enable them to make educated decisions through WW.  Provide a minimum of 12 Campus Tours and assistance to Dorm Rooms.

Collaboration:  To engage 80% of RHO Class in WW, which will include feedback and idea generation. To provide an environment of collaboration and between the RHO class, Pi class, Hawaii HUI, Auction committee, and Alumni Association before and during WW. Incorporate RHO Class Event theme to drive excitement.

Fiscal responsibility:  To be fiscally responsible to both the RHO class and the incoming students by executing WW on a budget of less than $1,200 for expenses and ensuring and informing incoming students of the suggested items available for purchase are under $200 per student.

S:   specific goals we plan to achieve during WW

M:  measurable could be:  80% participation from RHO class, 80% of WW students will rate the overall satisfaction, friendliness, helpfulness as excellent/good, and 80% of volunteers will rate their individual participation as excellent/good

A:  attainable ... let's set goals we can reach, along with a stretch goal

R:  realistic/relevant

T:  time specific ... need timely goals, one could be we have Frank Dining Hall back to normal by 3:30 pm

E:  exciting/energizing ... All volunteers are Super HeRHOs and will wear red shirts. Information booth will have misters and music, as well as cheer squad.

R:  reviewed ... this will be met by doing a survey of the goals for both the volunteers and non-volunteer students

Committees Hard at Work for YOU:  

Assembly Line - Stuffing party Saturday (1 pm - 5 pm)  Chair:  Rob West
Members:  Maria Burkitt, Sara Ott, Kyla Rios, Terry Mota, Pam Moore, Tanya Price, Aurora Montejano


Ambassador of Campus Tours, Dorm Guides & Security:  Chair:  Kristen Saito

Members:  Albert Herrera, Andrew Whittenberg, Cindie Byrd, Diana Huff, Elizabeth Pavlas, Gina Garcia, Jenny Green, Kevin Coser, Malcolm Johnson, Melissa Mosher, Samantha Scott, Sara Sallee, Stephanie Strimling, Stephanie Whitworth, Josh Gibson, Matt Goodwin, Hector Martin, Matt Messerli  Dorm Guides:  Trina Alli, Vaughn Peterson, Terry Mota, Gregg Merrill

NEW:  Photographer Assistants - Sunday (8 am - 2 pm) 

Members:  Diana McGunigale, Jag Garrett, Megan Thomas, Michael Trujillo, Linda Gurule  

WCMS Hotline/Student Support Text Line:  Chair:  Leah Friedenberg
Members:  Lisa Peters, Monica Cosentino-Benedict, Bill Bunze, Greg Malmedal,

Nikki Cain

Welcome Walk Ambassadors, Floaters & Cheer SquadChair:  Kate Baker
Members:  Darrell Russell, Kelsey Esqueda, Mike Edwards, Carolyn White, Marnie Gerkhardt, Celeste Anderson, Corinn Wohl, Camina Drummer, Herlinda Sandoval, Gregg Merrill, Maggie Pacheco, Jacky Davila, Taniel Kameroglu, Lisa Mack, Wanda Norman, Elena Franklin, Tamra Rowe, Shannon Durbin, Nicole Rivers, Matt Goodwin, Jennifer Topzand  Floaters & Cheer Squad Members:  Maria Burkitt, Jennifer Topzand, Ellie McIntyre, Caan Nguyen, Lance Levin

Registration Committee Co-chairs:  Samantha Carl, Aaron Clark, Pam Barrett
Members:  Taniel Kameroglu, Pamela Moore, Kelsey Esqueda, Mike Edwards, Araceli Toribio, Jennifer Brucker, Tiffany Pillars, Sandi Riggs, Jenny Green, Sara Ott, Corinn Wohl, Carmina Drummer, Shannon Durbin, Albert Herrera, Jacky Davila (RHO), Bryan Anderson (HUI), Tony Mau (HUI), Ryan McGrady (HUI)

REGISTRATION TABLES:  1.  Name Badges,  2.  WCMS Binder/Satchel   3.  RHO Polo Shirts

WCMS Dorm Prep/Experience Committee:  Co-chairs:  Carolyn White, Pam Barrett
Members:  Darrell Russell, Erin Pearson, Tracey Baum, Jennifer Brucker, Tiffany Pillars, Sandi Riggs, Jenny Green, Sara Ott, Celeste Anderson, Carol Beniger, Ashley Stewart, Amanda Martinez-Anderson, Rachael Teague, Katie Buzis, Ayrica Stoneman, Mickey Beard, Stephanie Strimling

Our team will be creating the exciting Welcome packages for WCMS students dorm rooms. 

We have put together an amazing welcome bag that will get the student excited and ready

for the following two weeks.  We want them to “feel the love.” 

Our team has received lots of donations for items that will be assembled on Saturday in

the Welcome bags and deliver them to each room.  We will also be creating these door

labels to identify the room numbers and the occupant.  If you are interested in joining this

fun team, please contact either Pam Barrett or Carolyn White.

Shuttle Bus Ambassadors: Chair:  Wanda Norman
Members:  Kristen Saito, Malcom Johnson, Ayrica Stoneman, Melissa Mosher, Pam Barrett, Stephanie Whitworth, Leah Friedenberg, Andrew Whittenberg, Pamela Moore

WCMS Signage & WW Directions Committee:  Chair:  Malcom Johnson

Members:  Carolyn White, Tiffany Pillars, Wanda Norman, Matt Goodwin, Diana McGunigale, Jennifer Topzand, Roger Navarro

Finance Committee Co-chairs:  Nicole Poole, Carol Beniger
Members:  Ashley Stewart, Amanda Martinez-Anderson, Katie Buzis, Shannon Durbin, Bethany Hayward, Greg Malmedal,   

Bill Bunze, Josh Gibson, Diana McGunigale

Welcome Walk Set-up & Support Commitee:  Chair:  Lisa Peters
Members:  Anthony Morris, Herlinda Sandoval, Ayrica Stoneman, Mickey Beard, Stephanie Strimling, Josh Gibson, Abby Ruiz, Bill Brunze

Welcome Walk Clean Up Committee:  Chair:  Pam Barrett
Darrell Russell, Kate Baker, Tiffany Pillars, Sandi Riggs, Jenny Green, Sara Ott, Marnie Gerkhardt, Herlinda Sandoval, Amanda Martinez-Anderson, Rachel Graham, Leah Friedenberg, Dawn McGhauey, Theresa Lupori, Mickey Beard, Stephanie Strimling, Josh Gibson, Trina Alli, Craig Budge, Eva Ngu

RHO Engagement & Project Management Committee:  Chair:  Mike Edwards, Bereniz Ramirez
Members:  Aarron Clark, Deanne Figueras, 

Communications, Training & Marketing Committee:  Co-chairs:  Stephanie Whitworth, Rob West, Deanne 
Members:  Celeste Fredrickson-Anderson, Tyler Holbrook, Clint Seader, Bereniz Ramirez, Michael Trujillo, Dan Racimo

Volunteers will manage and update the WW page on the Rho website, provide talking points for ambassadors, train Ambassadors. It is critical that these volunteers be able to come in on Saturday to get trained themselves.

Welcome Walk materials below are for information purposes only and are as of 6/22/18.  Please send additions and corrections to this page to deannef@ccul.org

Expense Related to:
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